ORS (oral rehydration salts) and non-spicy Nepali food

30-70% of travellers have diarrhoea (1). Unfortunately, I was also affected by diarrhoea due to spicy food last week...  I was sad since I love Nepali food and I won't to change my schedule while I was sick... Anyway, to avoid dehydration when you have diarrhoea, I will outline three ways of fluid replacement in Nepal. 


1.Home-made Oral Rehydration Solution/ Oral Rehydration Solution Salt (ORS)  手作りのORS(経口補水液/経口補水塩)

I remember the diarrhea lectures in DTN (Diploma in Tropical Nursing). I tried to drink it based on the recipe.





(...The taste was not bad! You can make it easily at home as long as you have water, suger and salt.)


2.Nepali ORS packets ネパールのORS粉末パック

If you can shop or ask somebody to go out, Nepali ORS packets will be useful. It is available from hospital, pharmacies and markets across Nepal. This is over-the-counter product and it cost approximately 10 Rps per sachet. It is called "jiwan jal", which means "life water".


f:id:whitetabby:20170524193748j:plain (The kitchen staff stored it at office always, so I could drink it... Many thanks! This could be one of the medicines in first-aid kid in Nepal.)


Although the taste was adjusted to orange to make it tasty, mitho chaina...(Not yum in Nepali) It was salty and bitter.

美味しい味になるようにオレンジ味に調整されていましたが、ミト チャイナ(ネパール語で「美味しくない」)。しょっぱく苦かった。


3.Your country's products 自国のもの

You can bring your favourite ORS or sachets of sports drink from your countries. Then, you will be reasonably confortable without any fear of taking unknown materials. It's up to you! 



Non-spicy Nepali food スパイシーでないネパール料理

Now I am totally fine since I avoid spicy food. I eat non-spicy Nepali food such as...


MOMO (Nepali dumpling) モモ(ネパール餃子) 


As a lovely reputation, this is very testy! I cannot get enough of it! This is steamed Buff Momo. You can chose fried one and spicy one, which is called "C Momo".


Nepali-style CHOWMIN ネパール式焼きそば 


(I would say it is like soy source taste Japanese Yakisoba.)


Fried Rice  チャーハン 


(Yummy because of familiar taste even in Nepal!)



ICE CREAM アイスクリーム 


(Not too sweet and thick.)



Nepali yogurt (Dahi) and Banana with flattened rice (beaten rice) 




(Yogurt was not sweet but sour. Nepali usually eat this during summer. I ate this in Terai region, also known as a hot place in Nepal.)  


(The end)


(1) Travelers’ Diarrhea - Chapter 2 - 2016 Yellow Book | Travelers' Health | CDC (Accesssed 24 of May)