Nepali tea, house and kitchen

Nepali Chia  

After the day-shift, we grabbed Nepali Chia at friend's kitchen. it was separated from house and open style, so sometimes flies join us!

I've heard the rough recipe: put water, tea leaves, crushed cardamom pods, cloves and cinnamon in a pan. Boil it, and mixed with milk. (I prefer Buffalo milk because it's sweeter than cow's milk.) It was poured into a wee cup, and we can put white sugar as you like. Nepali usually drinks with sugar. I love sweet and tannic taste.



(Nepali milk tea with biscuits.)



Surprisingly, quite lots of staff are working at hospital with their family members and relatives. They are living nearby hospital, so it looks like a little community. Everyone support each other. 



(Some of the staff carry out an agricultural business. They usually have cows, chickens and buff. This cow has "Tikka" on her forehead.)




(A Hindu house has a sticker on the gate wall. it's the Naga God, a snake god. Please google it.)



(The body colour is blue..., but beautiful! (Ramro chha!))



(This is another Nepali kitchen style - a cooking stove. I'm afraid that there is no ventilating fan.) 




(For leprosy patients, this wooden cup holder was invented! Since they have anaesthesia on their hands, they need to be careful not to burn. This is patients' idea! Fabulous!)



(The end)