Introduction 自己紹介






Hi, I'm Whitabby. This blog will tell you about my experience at Anandaban Leprosy Hospital in Kathmandu, Nepal in May and June 2017. This blog was produced since there are still inadequate understanding of leprosy and social stigma associated by this disease. I hope this would be able to be one of the opportunities to know something about leprosy for those who do not know and hear of leprosy very well.

In terms of the infromation on my blog, I've got an approval of producing this blog from both Anandaban leprosy hospital and a doctor who sent me here. I also ask permission to take their picture and share their stories when I upload them. Please note that this blog just mentions my personal experiences in Nepal at that time, therefore it would be difficult to generalise some of articles in my blog. I refer to references as I write some facts regarding leprosy as much as possible. However there may be errors, inappropriate expressions or mistranslations. In that case, I would appreciate it if you would tell me them via comment function. I will correct them as soon as possible. In terms of the language, although I try to write in English and Japanese as much as possible, sometimes you may find some articles in either English or Japanese. Have a heart...

Thanks to my family, friends, professors and volunteer companies who have been supporting me, and well-informed persons about Nepal, I was able to get a chance to come here. With my gratitude, I'm happy with sharing with you some of my learning, lovely sceneries and food etc. I also try to provide some information regarding to international cooperation or humanitarian aid for people who are interested in the field. Please leave a comment if you have any opinion or message since it would be encouragement and improvement for my blog. I am on the way of learning leprosy and Nepali setting, too. Since I may face power cuts and hard to check the Internet, thank you for your patient in terms of my reply. 

I hope you enjoy like being in Nepal! 



(At Kathmandu, Nepali dogs look strong...! I would like to see Nepali cats, but there are none so far...)